Commercial Fryer Equipment Maintenance

Commercial kitchens are extremely hectic places to work. Whether you are in a cafeteria or a high-end restaurant kitchen, you need to know that you can depend on your equipment in that kitchen.

The importance of regular maintenance service on all your commercial kitchen equipment is essential to a great restaurant. When your business depends on an appliance that is under nearly constant strain the way that commercial kitchen equipment is, you need to do everything to protect that appliance. Be sure that your deep fryer equipment, along with every other appliance in your commercial kitchen, is properly maintained for high quality performance. Call TPH Mechanical today for more information on fryers, walk-in coolers and ice machines.

Your deep fryer is an integral part of the commercial kitchen, from crisping up French fries for accompanying burgers to frying up fresh seafood. The fryers in most commercial kitchens do not get much of a break all day long, and this puts a tremendous amount of pressure on them. When you are dealing with an appliance whose sole function is to heat oil to high temperatures it is understandable why you would want to keep it in the best condition possible. You cannot operate a deep fryer safely if it does not receive regular, professional maintenance service.

Deep fryers must also be drained and cleaned. If the drains and grease traps are not operating properly you risk not only injury but a serious, time consuming mess. Most people have spilt some oil in their kitchens. It is slick and difficult to clean. Now imagine gallons of hot, used oil spilling out onto your commercial kitchen floor. Let’s hope you never have to deal with a mess like that except in your imagination!

If you have any questions about the necessity of deep fryer equipment maintenance, contact TPH Mechanical today. We have all the answers that you may need. Do not take any chances with the safety or convenience of your commercial kitchen. Schedule all necessary maintenance services with a qualified TPH Mechanical technician.

Caring for Your Commercial Deep Fryer

Oil Disposal

Cooking with dirty oil is a health hazard that can ruin the taste of food and drive your customers away. Oil disposal is an easy task to overlook. To ensure regular maintenance, set up a regular schedule for oil changes. If the oil ever appears cloudy, filter or change it as soon as possible.

Once you’ve turned off your commercial deep fryer and allowed the oil to cool, drain the oil into a container or waste oil cart so that the old oil can be transported safely. Because you can damage your pipes and contaminate the nearby water system by pouring fryer oil down your drain, experts recommend contacting a recycling in your area about properly disposing of old oil.

Maintaining Connectors to Your Deep Fryer

If your establishment uses a gas deep fryer, a faulty connector can be a serious hazard that threatens you, your staff, and your building. This makes it critical that you perform routine check-ups on the connector’s parts. Before you do so, turn off gas on your commercial deep fryer. This makes your connector safer to handle while you check for air bubbles that may have accumulated in the hose. Air bubbles often signal a blockage or hole along the connecting hose, indicating that it’s time to purchase a new connector kit.

Because commercial deep fryers rely so heavily on their connector kits, TPH Mechanical can change these out at the time of service.

Deep Fryer Filtration

Take time before, and after, using your restaurant deep fryer to filter debris once you notice drain clogs or food floating in the oil. Naturally, burnt food and coagulated oil can clog your equipment, causing messes and ruining the taste of your deep fried meals.

Before turning your fryer on, it’s a good idea to drain your fryer and fill it with fresh oil – especially after heavy use. You can also filter the oil by using cone filter holders and filters when transporting food from the fryer to dinnerware.

After close, filter powders and oil purifiers can be applied periodically to improve food quality and oil purity. Be sure to following the direction included with your filter powder to avoid oil contamination and employee injury.

Cleaning the Fryer Pot

Changing the oil in your restaurant’s deep fryer is the perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean the inside kettle. Deeper kettles and larger models demand kettle cleaning brushes with flexible heads and firm bristles. This helps to remove grime and debris so they don’t enter the kettle while refilling your fryer.

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