Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Mixer | Restaurant Equipment Repair


tphmechanical commercial mixerCommercial Mixers are available in a variety of types and sizes. In order to get the longest ‘life’ out of yours, and to make sure it is operating at optimum performance levels, follow the tips below.


  • Be sure to unplug your mixer before cleaning.
  • Stand mixers should be placed on a flat, sturdy surface to avoid damage to either the mixer or counter/table tops. These units are quite heavy, so when moving yours be sure you have a partner.
  • Wash attachments by hand to avoid damaging them. Never immerse the unit in water.
  • Keep your attachments separate from other utensils and tools in the kitchen. This will help you avoid inadvertent damage to or loss of parts.
  • The setting on your stand mixer should never be set above 2 when using the dough hook, as this will keep your machine from overheating, thus increasing its ‘life’ in your kitchen.
  • Always wash the mixer bowl and attachments as soon as possible after use.
  • Wipe down the exterior of your unit using a clean cloth and hot, soapy water. Dry immediately.
  • Always check your user’s manual for instructions specific to your model before use and/or cleaning.

Floor models can be cleaned in the same way as stand mixers. Additionally, the bowl guard removes easily for cleaning, and should be hand-washed to ensure no damage occurs to the attachment.


Be sure to ask for help when lifting heavy parts.


As always, TPH Mechanical is here to help you. Please contact us with questions or concerns.